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"Love for others is the actual base on which faith is based." (Emanuel Swedenborg, AC 1843)



Who is God?

Jesus (the Lord) is our one loving God in perfect Human form.


His Word

(the Bible) is deeply symbolic with a spiritual meaning throughout.


Faith & Charity

are inseparable, and the life of religion is to do what is good.


Life continues

immediately after death where our true character is revealed.


Welcome to
The General Church of the New Jerusalem in Canada

Many people today doubt the existence of God. Yet each of us has the ability to experience Him. Just as a room may sound silent, it can be filled with music with the right receiver, such as a radio. If you tune in to God with an open mind, a willing heart and a little knowledge you can experience Him in a very personal, Human way.

We invite you to find out why God remains hidden to the closed mind. Discover His purpose in creation. Find out how His Word, the Bible is much more than a history of the Jewish nation. Find out how He can provide the power to change the things in your life that need changing and how His amazing love provides for all people who have learned to love Him and lead good, useful lives, regardless of their religious affiliation.

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